Social Media Marketing

Mastering Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be tricky, and YES, there is more to social media marketing than page likes, comments, post likes, and impressions. The key is getting those people to interact or convert. This objective can be achieved by driving calls, form fills, and appointment requests. Our team has worked with many social media platforms to accomplish just that for our clients, let us help you.

Social Visability

It's not enough to merely have a social presence and/or a social page. Social pages with zero interaction and zero activity will produce ZERO results. It's important to consistently engage with your audience and prospective audience. Our goal is to utilize highly sophisticated targeting to help our clients accomplish turning a social audience into customers.

Know Your Customers

It's our job to know your customers, their habits, their interests and their hobbies. This enables us to put out quality content and effectively distribute our clients' ads. This is why it is so important that we know your business and most importantly your customers.

Benefits of Effective Social Media Marketing

Targeting Mobile Users

Let's face it, almost everyone has an Android or Apple Phone or Tablet these days. Targeting people while they are on these devices is just as important if not more important than targeting desktop and laptop users. It's also important for us to know how they use their time online and what they are searching for when they do.

Targeting The Right Audience

Targeting the right audience has never been easier. Today's programmatic and social marketing tools create a masterful opportunity for us to help our clients reach their campaign objectives and achieve success. It's important for us to understand our client's market and who they want to target in order for our team to drive desired results.

Demographics and Targeting

If you are a landscaping contractor is a person's credit or income important? Why? Buying Power. This helps you close the deal right. If you are an HVAC contractor is that so important, yes and no. Is Age important, depending on your business it can be and we focus on your target market every time successfully.

Promotional Offers

Promotional offers are a competitive advantage when used properly. Our job is to put your ad in front of the eyeballs who are already looking for your service and these offers help their decision making easier.

Driving Calls

We all want results, and our main focus is driving calls to you so you can do you job, which is handling your customers. We have our Live Leads program if you are looking for a Pay Per Lead product with live calls, and it's affordable.

Producing Leads

How do you prefer to receive new inquiries, by phone, by email, by text? However you prefer to obtain new leads, we have a way to deliver them to you and our guarantee is to deliver the types of new prospects you are looking for.